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Who we are

An Independent Melbourne based CPA Practice

Skillset suitable for Not-for-Profit sector, SMEs and for special projects

Our Director has over 20 years of experience as a CFO in both Not-for-Profit and Commercial sectors

Our Access To Specialists

Our network of specialist consultants can provide services that we are not licensed for, allowing us to connect the customer with the resources they require


To support organisations achieve sustainable financial and social outcomes


We commit to providing business-centered and people-friendly service to organisations to maximise their opportunities

Our services help to :

Inspire teams collaborate across functions; we connect strategy, results and outcomes

Assess & manage risks and improve processes utilising cost-efficient technologies

Report, coach and spread awareness on financial and social results & outcomes

Reduce work burden and free-up time for innovative projects

Focus on customer experience and sustainable business growth

Our Values

Integrity : We follow professional ethics and are open about our strengths and limitations

Trust : We uphold our values that businesses can depend on

Respect : We respect all culture, traditions, differences and are gender-neutral

Mindfulness : We are deeply aware of our words and actions that could have an impact on others

Commitment : We value meaningful and long-lasting relationships

Fun : We work with passion, achieve results and celebrate success together

Our Goals

To provide a climate, introduce ideas and participate in innovative practices

To reduce work burden on our customers

To provide insights and best practices

Always provide value pricing

Keep social and community outcomes at the heart of everything we do

Our Team